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Honey Bee Removal in the Atlanta Area

Honey bee swarm in Marietta

Honey bee swarm in Marietta

Honey bees are essential insects, especially in Georgia. They are the primary pollinators of many agricultural crops. Honey bee populations are also stressed in the past decade or so, possibly because of a virus, although scientists aren't certain of the reason; so when possible, honey bees in places where they're not bothering anyone really should be left alone. They do more good for us than harm.

It's when honey bees get into homes or other human-occupied buildings, or when they build their nests near athletic fields or other places where people congregate, that they have to be removed. There are many people who are allergic to bee stings, and even one sting can be fatal to them. And even people who aren't sensitive to bee stings don't want to be stung by them. They've very painful.

Rid-A-Critter provides honey bee removal service throughout Atlanta and its surrounding Metropolitan area. We use advanced technologies combined with old-fashioned hard work to find and remove honey bees with a minimum of mess, even when they're in the walls or ceilings of your home.

Honey Bee Biology

Honey bees are true bees, unlike many species of hornets and wasps that people mistakenly call bees. Honey bees are highly developed insects with a fascinating social system. Colonies usually number in the hundreds or thousands of individuals, all of whose activities are regulated in some way by the queen.

Bees also have at least two "languages" that we know of. Like most insects, bees communicate by pheromones, which are chemical messengers that they secrete and that other honey bees can interpret. But bees also have an elaborate language of movements by which they can communicate things like the direction and distance to a source of food, or a threat to the colony.

It's probably that ability that allows honey bees to mount immediate, large-scale attacks against anyone or any thing that they perceive to be a threat. Honey bees are not particularly aggressive if they're left alone, but once they decide that you're a threat to the colony, they will attack in great numbers, and with precision and accuracy that would make an Air Force commander proud.

Making a Science out of Honey Bee Extraction

Thermal Imaging Picture of a Beehive Inside a Wall Thermal Image of a Bee Hive taken through the Sheetrock

Many times, the hardest part of a honey bee removal job is finding the nest. Quite often, they're built inside walls or ceilings, sometimes quite far from the visible entry holes. Back in the old days, the best we could do was listen for the buzzing with a stethoscope (or even an ear against the wall), and hope we had the right place when we started making holes.

We still use those methods for the easy honey bee control jobs where it's pretty obvious where the nest is. But for those truly difficult jobs, we have more advanced ways of finding the nest.

Rid-A-Critter now uses high-tech gadgetry, including infrared imaging cameras, that enable us to precisely locate a honey bee nest. Knowing exactly where a nest is allows us to remove it with a minimum amount of mess and fuss. If we have to open a wall or ceiling, we know right where to open it.

Our high-tech equipment is just one of the ways that Rid-A-Critter is revolutionizing the animal removal and wildlife management industry in Greater Atlanta.

If you have a problem with honey bees, please contact us for a speedy, scientific solution. You'll be glad you did.

Honey Bee Control Gallery

Here are a few pictures of honey bee extraction jobs we've done in and around the Atlanta area.


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