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Animal Damage Repair and Animal-Proofing

Metro Atlanta Regional Office of Rid-A-Critter

Worried squirrel at a squirrel-removal job in Marietta

Worried squirrel at a squirrel-removal job in Marietta

We love wildlife. We really do. We don't mind sharing our natural world with wild animals.

But we draw the line when it comes to sharing our homes with them.

There are very good reasons for that, of course. When wild critters get inside houses or other buildings, they make a big mess and do a lot of damage. They have no hesitation about making unauthorized modifications, such as gnawing on holes to make them bigger; and they don't mind using your whole attic as a latrine.

Animal damage to homes can also create water leaks that can cause additional damage that is very expensive to repair. Animals like mice, rats, and squirrels also create fire hazards by gnawing on electrical wires; and almost any animal that gets into your attic can cost you money in energy dollars by tearing up or flattening out the insulation.

The single best way to prevent animal damage is to make sure the animals don't get in in the first place by structurally sealing them out of your home. In our business, we call this "animal exclusion" or "wildlife exclusion." Most other folks just refer to it as "animal-proofing." By any name, however, we do a whole lot of it. We're North Georgia's leader in animal exclusion, services and have animal-proofed homes, offices, businesses, and even hospitals all throughout the Greater Atlanta area.

The Difference Between Animal Damage Repair and Animal Exclusion

Men on a platform lift installing a chimney cap on a house to keep animals out

Rid-A-Critter has the resources to handle any animal-proofing or damage-repair job.

There are a lot of people who can repair the damage done by animals that got into your home, and some of them do a pretty good job of it. Handymen, carpenters, and even homeowners can scab a piece of plywood on to a roof and nails some shingles on it, and it may turn out looking perfectly fine.

The problem is that few handymen, carpenters, or homeowners have the know-how or resources to seal up a building well-enough to keep new animals from getting in and damaging the house all over again. That's something that takes years to learn. You have to be able to think like the critters you're trying to keep out, always looking at things from their point of view, to find -- and close off -- every possible hole, crack, or gap that they might use to get inside.

Another thing that sets Rid-A-Critter apart is that we do a complete job, from start to finish. We trap and remove the animals, repair the damage, seal the house so no new animals can get in, clean up the mess the animals left behind (including cleaning up their urine, droppings, and other filth) and cart it away, replace contaminated insulation, if needed, and perform whatever odor control is necessary to make your house fresh-smelling again.

We do it all, from start to finish, so you don't have to.

That's why thousands of consumers throughout Georgia, including the Atlanta Braves' own Ryan Klesko, have chosen Rid-A-Critter to take care of his problems with a whole assortment of animals. We hope you will, too.

Comprehensive Animal Exclusion

Rid-A-Critter's provides comprehensive animal-proofing services to keep all sorts of wild critters out of your home. For example, we provide exclusion services for:

and many others, too numerous to name here. All of our services are provided by our own local Wildlife Management Specialists, and all the work we do is backed by the best warranty in the business.

So whether you already have a critter problem that you need to solve, or you want to protect your home against future animal damage, please give us a call for a no-obligation inspection and consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Animal Damage Repair Gallery

Here are some randomly-selected pictures of animal damage repair and exclusion work we've done in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area.

These pictures represent only a random sample of the thousands of animal-removal and animal-proofing jobs we've done. We have the tools and personnel to handle any animal-control job, so please call us today for a no-obligation consultation.


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